Press release by Ocrim / OCRIM works all over the world and knows the habits and needs of each country. OCRIM looks at Great Mother Africa culture with admiration and knows her problems too. OCRIM has decided to support the project Dialogo Silenzioso because has considered it a real anthropologic, social and physiognomic study and a true cultural container of life and feelings.

Dialogo Silenzioso — whose name reminds an oxymoron — is a melting pot of artistic languages that tell a complex anthropologic path: the Great Mother Africa (in this case represented by Ethiopia) encounters the mother or all arts: dance. An encounter that is told by photography, literature, music and by dance live performances.

The images of Ethiopia — made by Claudio Maria Lerario and Elisa Amati — are accompanied with words of intellectuals, writers, scenographers, cinema/theatre directors, chosen by the choreographer Claudio Gasparotto (artistic responsible of the cultural association Movimento Centrale — Danza & Teatro) and translated by calligrapher Concetta Ferrario. The harmony between image and word gives a tactile vision of life in motion and drives the spectator both to a psychologic introspection and to a reflection on the multicultural identity, which is strengthened by the awareness of one’s own roots.

The project also includes a photo book as an enduring proof of what is shown in the exhibition. The reader, by means of the book and far from the “cultural noise” of the galleries, is able to deeper understand the soul of African people who live their daily life with difficulty, but with great vitality at the same time, giving energy to their bodies that never give up dancing.

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